Mawson Trail Planning and Bike Setup

Some planning is required to turn a 900km route into a planned itinerary with consideration of your sleeping arrangements, food stops, water refills and even toilets. This was my first bikepacking trip so I had to spend time researching the Trail and stalking small towns on GoogleMaps before I felt confident and ready to start this adventure.
In this article I have also discussed the bike and bags setup I used. My choices were based on the bags I was lent and a good setup is refined over multiple trips but you might still find it useful or interesting.

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What I Packed for the Mawson Trail

The first thing I did after getting home from the Mawson Trail was to unpack everything and take grid photos on the dining table. #asyoudo
This is as much as a resource for myself as it is for any people planning their own Mawson Trip or an alternative bikepacking trip.

What I packed reflected the following:

  1. I was not camping (no sleeping bag, sleeping mat, or tent).
  2. I was travelling in a remote area so would be unable to easily get mechanical assistance.
  3. Clothing choices reflected the expected weather conditions.

I also am aware that I could have brought less cycling clothing, casual clothing or even fewer tools. I’ve tried to explain my choices where it feels relevant. I am planning a follow up post covering more details about my trip and the planning of that. This post is just what I carried.

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Five Adelaide Hills Rides from 2018

This year I’ve put more effort than usual into planning and mapping routes because I’ve been running a women’s training group (WMNtrainADL). While going through my rides I realised that I rarely put a ride together without at least one gravel road. We are spoilt in Adelaide, our gravel roads are in great condition and they link together so well. I would love to see gravel roads feature in the WTDU/TDU one year – get some Ochre dust on the Ochre jersey.

I’ve put together five of my favourite rides from the year so you can get some inspiration for your next ride. If you try out one of these rides or decide to ride some of the roads that feature in these routes, let me know what you think 🙂

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Reflecting on the Aussie Season

Hello from my apartment in Europe! Last Sunday was my last Australian race for the year, the final round of the Focus Crossfire Cup. I love our local races because Port Adelaide Cycling Club events are run like clockwork and the course designers always get the best out of each parkland location. For the first time this year we had permanent allocated numbers for the whole series based on the previous year’s rankings which meant I got to race with the highest number in the Women’s A series, ‘101’. After winning the series I’ll get to keep the number for next year, unless PACC decide to mix it up and give the Women A riders the ‘1’- series and the Men A riders the ‘101’-series next time. #smashingthatglassceiling

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