Pre-Nationals Final Check In

Cover image by the amazing Jake Thomas of #BombtrackTreadlyRacing

National Champs are this weekend. Despite the rest of the world running pre-season cx camps and Instagramming with the hashtag #crossiscoming our Australian season is peaking in August. People have asked me about my preparation and how I am feeling about race day. I’m excited to line up on the front row and give it my all. Preparation wise I haven’t changed my training significantly – I am still doing my 10min and 20min steady efforts. However, in the last month I have added some higher intensity sessions on the trainer and I have reduced the number of repetitions in the last week to ‘taper’ for nationals. If you were wondering who my coach is – it is my fiancé Mitch. He coached me when I was racing NRS and as long as I’m self-motivated about my training the arrangement works well for us. Who wouldn’t want to analyse training peaks data together over dinner?

I’ve always been relaxed on race day. Although, sometimes you can be too chilled – like the time I missed my race start at the Tour of Bright TT…. Last month I treated State CX Championships as a practice run for Nationals. I wrote down a schedule for when I was going to: practice the course, eat my last pre-race meal, go for a nervous pee, hop on the trainer etc. It is good to have a plan, particularly where there are lots of distractions from other people racing and wanting to talk to you.

Here is some other big news! Mitch and I have booked our flights to Belgium for the end of September. I will be skipping the very start of the official-rest-of-the-world-cyclocross-season in America but arriving in Europe for everything else through to the World Championships. This means I will be racing 7 World Cups and at least 25 UCI Category C1 and C2 races. It is going to be an amazing experience and I will share more about our trip as we sort out more of the details.

I think sometimes we are so ingrained to not ‘boast’ about ourselves that we forget to be proud of what we have accomplished. So that is why I am excited that Nationals are in Adelaide so my friends and family can come and support me whatever the result.

Okay – that is all I have to share. See you on the weekend!

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