Road and Cyclocross? Porque no los dos!

Last month there were a few news articles (see note) discussing reduced racing days in the second half of the 2017 National Road Series (NRS). Opportunities in road cycling to showcase your talent and your sponsors have become more limited in recent years and many teams have resolved this by travelling to race in Europe or America. However, overseas travel is not an avenue available to everyone. The decline of the NRS is a multi-faceted problem and I can’t offer a solution for this. However, for riders and sponsors feeling disenchanted with the NRS, here is my solution:

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My 2017/18 pre-season

The Australian National Cyclocross Series kicks off this weekend in Bright, Victoria. This will be my third season after buying my first cross bike two years ago. I was unprepared in my first season, taking cross up on a whim after months off the bike due to illness. However, I fell in love with the sport and threw myself into it, ending the season with six weeks racing in Belgium over December 2015 – January 2016.

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